What are Terpenes


Terpenes are the compounds found in plants that give them their distinctive aromas. In lemons it’s the terpene Limonene, in Lavender it’s Linalool. Lavender traditionally has been used as a sleep aid and lemons are known for their ability to aid focus and lift mood.


What Terpenes are found in Hemp?

Both of these terpenes are also found in Hemp (Cannabis Sativa L), along with many more. In fact, along with Cannabinoids flavonoids and alkaloids, Hemp is one of the richest single sources of terpenes in the plant world, having a very varied spread, with each different strain of Hemp carrying its own particular profile and aroma. That distinctive Cannabis aroma 

In the magnified photo of hemp flowers below, those stalky, translucent, mushroom-like structures, store the highest density of all these compounds and are called trichomes.


Terpenes naturally occur in much smaller amounts compared to Cannabinoids like CBD.


What are the best Terpenes?

However, they have recently become the focus of more research, as even these small amounts appear to contribute to the Entourage Effect, have their own specific benefits and a powerful effect on us.

A Full Spectrum CBD oil like GoldenGoose will be Terpene rich. 


What are Terpenes good for? 

We are only just discovering the many and wide benefits of these interesting compounds.

You may have heard about “forest bathing” If not google it. Research has shown that walking in the forest has a beneficial effect on our health. Apart from the exercise, it’s the fresh air. Terpene rich fresh air that brings major benefits.

Scents and smells have a powerful effect on our health and emotions. It seems that smells are closely tied to the emotional center in our brain. This is why certain smells and scents can arouse a sense of nostalgia or other emotions and  memories relating to our past.

Forest kindergartens have become popular in Germany where there are approximately 450, whilst in the US and the UK, the idea is slowly taking off. Research indicates that children playing in these forest environments are better at many cognitive skills, but also have better manual dexterity and can assess risks better than those kids educated in the enclosed space of a classroom.



The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) in America are promoting National Trails Day because they know that a natural environment such as a forest, really does have enormous health benefits. It also helps to maintain the forests, as working parties are invited to participate.

Continuing research will no doubt confirm the many benefits of these magical compounds. If you are interested in trying a Full Spectrum CBD oil you can count on Golden Goose CBD to deliver one of the most natural pure oils on the market. 

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