30 Day CBD challenge

How does it work?

You use the CBD oil as directed for 30 days and keep a daily log of your experience.  Choose 4 areas to monitor that relate best to the benefit you are personally looking for.

Include the first two below:

  • How relaxed do I feel?
  • How easy is it to smile naturally?

And add two other markers that would best suit you.

    Tailor the last two so that you can monitor and comment on something that is particular to yourself. Then on a daily basis, mark out of 10 your experience with the CBD oil in the 4 areas you have chosen.

    At the end of the 30 days, if you have enjoyed the benefits of taking CBD oil and would be willing to leave us a review about your experience, we will reward you with a 30% Discount on your next purchase. 

    During this challenge we would be happy to help with any advice that will help you get the best from our products, to give you the benefit for which you are looking.

    Tel Mark on 07711454520.

    Best of luck.