Is CBD legal in the UK

Is CBD a Class B Drug 

As the popularity of cannabis hemp oil grows, there are a number of consumers who find themselves uncertain about the product they may want to use and understandably so. While Cannabis remains a class B drug, there is certainly still scepticism regarding cannabis-related products and their legal status.

The most prevalent and increasingly popular of the cannabis related products is Cannabidiol (CBD). CBD oil is emerging as somewhat of a wonder product and is being utilised in a variety of different ways. The vast number of uses for CBD has resulted in a wide consumer base, spread across all age groups. In the UK CBD is sold as a food supplement and as such we are unable to make any medical claims. However, for the curious there is a wealth of info on the internet, both research based and anecdotal.

Educating ourselves is the way to understanding the truly startling benefits of this amazing plant. It is through the light of education and research, that the long shadow of prohibition will finally be removed.

The good news for those who have thought about trying CBD but erred on the side of caution, is that it is a 100% legal food supplement in the UK. High street retailers are becoming aware of the benefits and we are seeing it stocked on many shelves, as well as an abundance of online stockists. Subsequently, there is a lot of choice and consumers should do their research before committing to a purchase.

So, why is CBD oil legal?

It is perhaps perplexing to think that a product derived from a class B drug is completely legal, but understanding how CBD is produced does clear up this confusion. The chief differences are the strains of the cannabis plant from which CBD is extracted . UK legal CBD is extracted from EU registered Industrial Hemp which naturally produces higher levels of Cannabidiol (CBD) and lower levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and by moderating the levels of THC (classed as a narcotic product) and keeping these minimal, the finished product retains a legal status. Essentially it is the presence of high levels of THC which lead to an illegal classification. 


Most of the psychotropic effects that are associated with cannabis stem from THC, which has contributed to giving Cannabis a negative reputation. Receptors in the body pick up on the presence of THC and this affects the brain, changing perception, behaviours and emotion.

THC and CBD are amongst over one hundred cannabinoids that can be extracted from the cannabis plant, but are certainly two of the most popular and most widely researched. On a side note, it is an exciting prospect that further study may pave the way to a discovery of the benefits of other cannabinoids, as well as the numerous Terpenes that are found in cannabis, but for now it is CBD and THC that are most well-known. 

Extraction processes have enabled CBD manufacturers to create a product that contains a tiny amount of THC, below the psychotropic levels and an abundance of CBD, resulting in a product that is rich in health and well-being benefits without the mind altering effects of THC. CBD hemp oil  products must  be sourced from hemp plants producing  a THC level of 0.2% or less to be considered legal in the UK. 

Choosing the right product.

There are a variety of products readily available including oils, capsules and even confectionary. There is also the choice of whether to buy CBD isolate products or full-spectrum products. An isolate product contains only CBD, while a full-spectrum product contains a vast range of different legal cannabinoids from which we can benefit, giving a much more potent oil, but with no high feeling.

If you are considering using a CBD product to enhance your healthy lifestyle, be aware that at present this is largely an unregulated market. Ensure that you buy from a trusted seller.

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They should be able to supply you with independent Lab reports showing that CBD levels are as stated on the bottle and are pesticide, bacteria and fungus free and without the addition of any synthetic cannabinoids.

At Golden Goose all of our products are lovingly extracted, (using SuperCritical CO2) from carefully selected EU registered Hemp plants that are grown organically, to provide you with the finest quality products. They are all UK legal. 

CBD is fully legal in the UK when sold as a food supplement. It is non-addictive with only a trace content of THC and will not get you high. Not all CBD’s are created equal, so choose carefully, buying only premium quality, organically grown, full spectrum oils, with lab reports showing content and purity.

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