How to Use CBD for Best Results


How to use CBD for Optimum Results

If you are new to CBD  the first thing we need to do is kick start your body systems, mainly the Endocannabinoid System, so they are optimised for CBD usage. We do this by starting with the serving size recommended on the bottle and placing 4 drops under the tongue 2 to 3 times a day, ensuring you hold the CBD there for at least 1 minute. The longer the better, so that the oil can be absorbed by the rich blood supply under the tongue.
The taste is fairly agricultural, so have a drink of choice to hand with which to wash it down.
Some people will find they get immediate benefit, for others it can take a few weeks to acclimatise their bodies for CBD usage.
Many find it beneficial to add a couple of drops to the previous serving at the end of each week. The mantra is start low and slowly increase.
When you have regularly used CBD for 3 weeks it is time to Micro-dose to find your personal “sweet spot.” This is the amount at which an individual receives the best benefit.
We are all different and will have differing responses to CBD. Some will receive benefits from a very small amount, others will require a much larger serving. For most, it will be somewhere between 25 mg and 50 mg daily (the number of mg per drop are written on the bottle).

Start to Micro-Dose

If you are already taking CBD, take a 48hr break to re-set your system. If you have never used CBD before, take the recommended serving for at least 2 weeks to wake up your endocannabinoid system.

It is important you log your progress when you dose hourly, on a scale between 1 and 10. Ask yourself the following questions. However, customise these questions to suit your needs. Be consistent and critical, this should enable you to see trends.

What to look for when taking CBD?

How easy is it to breathe?

How relaxed are you in body and mind?

How easy is it to smile authentically?


How to MicroDose with CBD

Now start with a single drop of CBD (under the tongue). If you feel no effect after an hour, then add a drop to the amount of the previous hour. If after another hour you still feel no benefit, add another drop to the previous hour and so on

If you feel no effect by the end of the day, then start the next day with the amount you last used, plus one drop.

When you feel the desired effect or notice an improvement in your log results-STOP- then add up the last 4 hours in mg that you have taken…and that’s your sweet spot. Take every 4-6 hrs.

We are all different, with different responses when we take food supplements. We will all have a personal amount that gives us the benefit for which we are looking. Focus on how you feel whilst micro-dosing, to ensure you find your perfect “sweet spot.” When you have followed these steps you will have the best serving size to suit your needs, so that your money is not wasted when using these precious oils.

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