Is CBD addictive

Is CBD addictive?

The renowned and poorly understood Cannabis plant, that came to the worlds attention during the “hippie” era of the ’60s, as the recreational drug of choice and demonised by governments around the globe, is the source of CBD (Cannabidiol). So no surprise then, when the question is often asked “Is CBD Addictive.

Perhaps nearer the opposite is true!

Will I get addicted to CBD

One of the first questions that many people ask before trying Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is – will I get addicted to this? A good question, as CBD comes from the cannabis plant.

CBD is a cannabinoid and one of many that are found in the cannabis plant. Testing on the plant and its components has revealed that cannabis is formed of numerous cannabinoids, with cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) being the most renowned. Whereas THC is psychotropic, CBD is not. Proponents of CBD favour its use because it provides  benefits without the feeling of being ‘high’, a side-effect of THC which may lead to dependency amongst users.

CBD is still under-researched (although this is changing) and there is a lot of work to do in order to override the reputation of cannabis, its effects and the people that use it. 


What is addiction

Addictive substances trigger a release of dopamine in the brain’s pleasure centre and over time, the body becomes dependant on the substance and experiences withdrawal symptoms if usage is stopped. Because CBD does not produce an excessive release of dopamine, there is no euphoria present. 

The World Health Organisation stated that "there is no potential for abuse." Meaning CBD is not addictive. 


What is a good quality CBD product

CBD oil is available in a variety of media and there is now a multitude of companies selling CBD related products; finding the right one may pose the proverbial ‘needle in a haystack’ scenario.  Golden Goose CBD oil is cultivated using organic hemp of the highest quality and our oils are produced using supercritical CO2 extraction which ensures a concentrated, pure product. Other methods of production involve chemicals which jeopardise the quality of the CBD

Can CBD help to maintain wellness

The multitude of uses for CBD has simmered under the radar for quite some time and fortunately, it is now experiencing a surge in popularity. CBD is already being utilised as a food supplement and is completely legal to use in the UK and EU.

Current research shows us that CBD is not addictive and instead helps maintain wellness and balance which is certainly the preferred approach in leading an holistic lifestyle.

Treat yourself to Golden Goose CBD.

You deserve it.